Monday, August 22, 2016

Like The Wind

"Squeaks, you wanna go for a walk after dinner?"

As we walk around our block, past our church, past other families on evening strolls, Squeaks is impatient to reach the point at which she is released from her stroller. 

"Can we race Daddy?" 

As we approach the part of our walk where we can safely let her out, her feet start to kick, and if she wasn't buckled in, she would slide herself out from under the stroller tray keeping her in her seat. The stroller stops, Dad unbuckles her, and....SHE'S OFF!!

Like the wind! Curls bouncing, chubby little legs going as fast as she can will them, and sometimes, in times of need, need for extra speed, her arms fly behind her in an attempt to become more aerodynamic. Daddy follows close by, feigning inability to keep up.
"Out of my way Daddy!"

Little dude watches longingly from his stroller seat.
"Look how fast sister is!? Soon Little Man, soon."

She stops suddenly. "We're at a street Dad!" (The corner of the block is a good twenty yards away.)
"Not quite Love, but you can hold my hand."

Across the street and she's off again. Like the wind! Curls bouncing, chubby legs a blur. 

Another sudden stop. This time to inspect a spider web. No spider. He must be away visiting friends. Look! A yellow rose! *deep inhale* "Smells pretty."

And she's off! Wind in her hair, pink Converse pounding the sidewalk. 
"Where are the wishes?" (Dandelions.)
"It must not be the season for wishes my Love."
Disappointed pause, then again, off like the wind!
But wait! There! A single wish in our yard!
We're home. Squeaks blows her wish, and like the wind, she's off to bath and bed time.

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  1. Adorable! You described her reality well. Made me think of my little niece. :-)


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