Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Little Days Are Big

Yet again I find myself catching up. So many things to write about, so many pictures to share.

Everyday Squeaks says something or does something new and totally blows my mind. And at this point, Little Dude seems bigger and faster after every nap.

The only thing I can do at this point to chronicle all these big little days going by so quickly is to share at rapid-fire speed. So hold on to your socks...

 The dastardly Squeaks stole Mr. Potato Head's mustache!
Beautiful girl! She finally let me put pigtails in her hair...and hasn't let me do it again since.
 My favorite picture of Little Dude EVER! Taken on a random weekday during Squeaks nap. My beautiful blue-eyed boy.
 Father's Day. I totally failed this year. No real gift, but his arms are still full. He's so good to us!
 I still can't believe I'm their mom. Mothers Day.
 Squeaks can't get enough of the "twirly slide" at the park near our house. She yells "Hi twirly slide!" from the backseat every time we drive past it.
Swimming at Nana and Papa's house.
The first time I caught them actually playing together! Made me want to cry for joy.
She loves searching for rollie-pollies in our backyard.
 Her favorite thing to do an Gaga and Grampy's house is smell, taste, and discuss the spices on my mom's spice rack. She has quite the refined palate.
 Just couldn't make it through lunch.
If he can reach it, he's into it. This kid is everywhere!
He has mastered the sippy-cup. 
See!? Into everything!
She LOVED getting to sit in a firetruck at our library's story time a few weeks ago! As we were leaving she said "Bye firetruck! I love you all my life!" Too much...

You see, the little days are big. Full of memories and never boring. 

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