Monday, December 4, 2017

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Monday, November 27, 2017

An Honest Gift Guide For Toddler Moms

It's that time of year again. The Christmas season is upon us and with it comes the endless stream of catalogs and gift guides. Everyone and their mother has a suggestion for how you should spend your money. "10 Items He'll Love!" "100 Educational Toys Your Kids Need!" "Gifts For Her That Will Melt Her Heart." And if you don't go bankrupt by December 31st you've failed and your family no longer loves you. Shhaaaaaame!

I'm over it. Have been, in fact. But my over-it-ness has been amplified by the stack of junk mail being filtered through my house these days. Toy catalogs two inches thick!?

So what have I done? Made my own gift guide in protest.

Here it is. The official (honest) gift guide for mothers of toddlers:
What does a mom of three kids under four years old really need for Christmas? Click to find out.

1. Time.
I want time. Time to just sit and stare at these awesome humans God has blessed me with. Time to slow down and listen to their twiddly little voices ask me a million questions, and the time to answer each and every one honestly and in-depth. Time to come completely unglued in a puddle of laughter with my husband when one of the kids says something hysterical. Time to cuddle each little person until I feel their bodies relax into heavy content sleep, and then time to just watch them breathe and feel their heart beating. 

2. Grace.
Show me grace. I am a super crappy friend these days. Have you texted me recently? I'll get back to you sometime next week. I promise. Expecting me to volunteer to help you with something? As long as it doesn't interfere with nap time, homeschool time, bath time, story time, snack time, helping my daughter wipe her own butt, changing a million diapers, the mountain of laundry, the mountain of dishes, or cooking three meals a day for five people....I'm in!...Oh crap, I forgot to feed the dogs.

3. Help.
But do it in a way that makes me feel like I'm still Super Mom, able to handle everything on my own, don't need help at all, because I've got this adulting thing down pat. Ya. Help me like that.

4. But really, help.
When you see I'm having a hard time controlling the urge to hide in my pantry and stuff my face, maybe offer to entertain the kids for an hour so I can sit and eat quietly. When I look a bit greasy or maybe smell a little, ahem, funky, feel free to point it out (because weird smells are my world) and offer to sit with the kids while I take care of business. Instead of wondering how often my kids eat Chick-Fil-A, offer to bring by dinner, or maybe pick up Chick-Fil-A for us. We're not picky (except for Josh. He's picky, but flexible.) 

5. Wisdom.
Give me wisdom to raise solid, godly humans. Give me wisdom to manage my time well so that the small people clawing at me don't drain me beyond my ability to function as a wife. Give me wisdom to parent with patience, consistency, and gentleness while still being an effective authority figure. Give me wisdom to seek God first in everything I do so that life doesn't distract me from what is truly important. 

6. Sleep.
No explanation needed. Just. Sleep.

7. Massage.
Because I am fully aware the rest of my list is nigh impossible unless you are God, go with #7. A massage would be great. And I won't complain because look at #3, I'm Super Mom. Plus, I genuinely love every minute of this exhausting, loud, chaotic, weird-smelly season of my life. Thank you God!

So Mamas, what's on your Christmas list?

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

I love Thanksgiving. It's just such a simple and happy holiday. I know there are history buffs out there that take issue with the day, but I choose to focus on the now. For us Thanksgiving is a day for good food, spending time family, and focusing on Gods blessings. Simple. And this years Thanksgiving was just as lovely as I could have hoped.

We spent our morning at home preparing my favorite vegetable tian that I've made the past few years. It's slightly time consuming just because of the prep work but ridiculously easy to make (simple is the theme of the day) and oh so yummy. All five of us in the kitchen together with music playing, the smell of onion and garlic cooking, the sound of my daughter chattering away at at the kitchen counter about whatever pops into the awesome imagination of hers. These are a few of my favorite things.

We made our way to my in-laws house for the afternoon where we ate and spent time with extended family. There were at least 25 people there so the kids got massive amounts of attention. We did our traditional go-round the table to say what we were all thankful for. High on the list this year were things like our cousin Trevin's service as a firefighter. He worked tirelessly this fire season. Trevin and his wife Ashley are also expecting their first child this December! Aunt Heather who, although she lost her home in the Santa Rosa fires, is safe and healthy after a bought of pneumonia. Cousin Camery's who endured and lived through Route91 in Las Vegas, praising God for His grace and sovereignty. Family, Gods provision, peace through stormy trials, and the comfort of home. Our family is blessed.
We had a very blessed Thanksgiving! Lots of fun, family, and food. Enjoy a little Black Friday sale in my Etsy shop!

While our older two kids stayed at my in-laws to play a little longer, Josh, Flash and I went over to my parents house for some time with more family. More blessings. My bother and his beautiful new wife, my great aunt, and cousins I haven't gotten to see in a long time. And, thanks to my mother-in-law, a little quiet time with my sleeping Flash so I could sit and have full conversations and Josh could play a game of ping-pong with my brother.

A beautiful, quiet, simple day.

Now on to the Christmas Season! A time to celebrate our biggest blessing, Jesus Christ and his simple beautiful gift of salvation. May he bless you with a joy filled rest of the year.

We had a very blessed Thanksgiving! Lots of fun, family, and food. Enjoy a little Black Friday sale in my Etsy shop!

Here's a little bonus for you. My first Black Friday sale! My entire shop is 15% off today. Find a fun post-Thanksgiving activity to do with your little ones. Enjoy!

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