Friday, March 27, 2015

A Very Squeaky Update

I figured it was time for a Squeaks update! Seeing as how I haven't posted anything specifically about her since her birthday in January. 

It amazes me every day how smart this kid is getting. If you ask her "where's your nose?", she'll point to it! She also knows where her mouth, eyes, hair, ears, and bellybutton are too! 

We've also started playing with some flash cards that pair a picture of an item with the spelled out word. The box said ages 3+ but I don't care. So far she's pretty good at finding a picture of an item if I ask her for it, but she's still not familiar enough with the corresponding word to match them together. I can see the wheels in her head turning when I match them and read them for her though.

She'll bring me book after book to read over and over...and over. Most of her favorites I can recite by heart.

She's loving the freedom I've started giving her outside. For the longest time she refused to wear shoes. But once she gave in and realized she could walk more places with them on, she now brings me her shoes or tries to put them on herself, and points to the backyard. She's a very steady walker now and rarely crawls (mostly just to go up or down steps). She'll wander around the yard collecting rocks and picking flowers and then proudly bring me her treasures.
Playing ball with Diamond.
Shoes in general have become a fascination of hers. She's particularly fond of the monster feet that went with her Halloween costume.
Dinner in monster feet. It's the only way to eat pasta.
Inside, some of her favorite activities are taking the clothes out of the dresser as I put them in, taking everything out of Daddy's night stand, playing in our pantry (which usually includes taking all the tea bags out of the boxes), and "helping" me load the dish washer. I have to be super careful with the dishwasher cause she likes to sneak things in when I'm not looking. I accidentally washed her digital baby thermometer the other day cause she figured out it fit nicely among the dirty silverware. A similar fate almost came to a tube of chap-stick, but I caught it in time.
Wish I knew what was so fascinating about the boxes of tea.
She continues to have a sweet and silly disposition, in-spite of cutting four molars at once (bringing the total teeth count to 12). Other than the occasional drool, gnawing of fingers, and slight crankiness, she's a peach. 
We have perfected our bed time routine, and most nights she sleeps 11 hours straight, with one nap during the day. Plus, she pretty much eats anything we eat. Josh and I find ourselves hoping that our biological child is as awesome as our adopted one. Ha! Could we be so blessed!!?
Sweet silly girl.


  1. Those monster feet! How great is that?! Squeaks looks like a happy little thing - so neat to see her getting so big!

  2. These photos make me sooooo happy!! You have a lovely little munchkin there!!! <3 <3 -

  3. The monster feet! Be still, my heart!

  4. I'm with everyone else who is squealing over those sweet monster feet! Love how she has them crossed!


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