Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Excitingly Uneventful

I have a huge, exciting, wonderful update for you....NOTHING!

Absolutely nothing is going on right now! It has been nearly a month since I posted and nothing has happened. Boring?! Heck no! Do you know how long I waited for nothing life-altering, emotional, stressful, etc. to be happening? A looonnnggg time. We are living a blissfully normal, quiet, calm life.

Squeaks continues to grow happy and healthy. We started taking her to a kind of Gymboree-esk class every week. Her enjoyment of it comes and goes, but I think we'll stick with it. They focus on building and improving fine motor skills, social skills, strength, balance and the like. It's nice for her and I to get out of the house together and do something other than errands, and I think it'll be a nice alternative to the park on those hundred-degree California summer days. 

Our little boy kicks and kicks. Experiencing a healthy pregnancy is still very surreal and, as I look back, makes me realize just how different my pregnancy with Evelyn was. In fact, little dude, is growing so well, I'm not really considered high risk any more. We've started work on his room and planning a shower. I'll share most of the details on those events on my other blog though.

Speaking of blogging. This two separate blogs thing has been on my mind. While I feel it's appropriate since I'm treating my other blog specifically as a pregnancy blog right now, I don't want to separate them so much in the future. It feels like each kid has their own blog. Weird. So, I think after little dude's arrival in September, plans will be underway for a new family blog. Don't know what that will look like yet, but it'll be awesome of course.

And so, we live on. A life I never imagined would be this good. God has blessed our whole family and we have so many happy things to look forward to. Josh's younger sister is getting married (in September!) and so that brings party planning and excitement. We have a cousin getting married in September (!!), a cousin getting married in June, and a cousin graduating high school. Life is full, and not just with big stuff. It's the small everyday stuff that adds so much joy too. I enjoy watching Squeaks grown and learn everyday. Talking is starting! (Maybe that should be another post. It's too exciting.) I'm helping a friend redecorate her daughter's room. Josh and my mom will be starting BSF with me (in September!). I continue to volunteer with a local pregnancy center. Josh and I celebrate nine years of marriage in July. We go to Disneyland as often as possible. Seriously, life right now, compared to what it was just a few short years ago.... speechless. Is it the calm after the storm or the calm before another storm? Only God knows, but He will watch over us, provide for us, and love us no matter what.
One of my favorite pictures from mother's day this year. Isn't she just the best!?


  1. Yay for ordinary! We're glad to hear everything is going well! Squeaks is growing like a weed!

  2. Happy for you for your boring, exciting life! :D

  3. Mr. and Mrs. Adoption Love/Imminent Joy,
    First, congratulations on your new addition!!! I hope and pray that everything goes well and that your son stays safe and healthy! Your daughter is simply beautiful.

    I found your website(s) through The Big Long Wait's blog roll. I went to the very beginning and read everything. Your story is simply inspiring. God sent you tough times, God sent you good times, and not only have you made it through, you have THRIVED still filled with hope and Love For the Lord. That is amazing. Not everyone could face what you and your husband have faced, and still be such devote Christians. I honestly don't know if I could have. One of my favorite parts of your story, is when you heard Him say, ""Stop pumping and I will give you a child in seven days." That is nothing short of a miracle. That WAS a miracle. When I read that, all I could think was, "God is wonderful. God is amazing. God is beyond words!" Praise the Lord! :D

    Adoption is something that I have always thought was beautiful. Recently I have just been strongly feeling the call to adopt when my time comes. My dear cousin was adopted as an infant, and I have been reading many adoption blogs. I don't think that this pull toward it is a passing whim. I really feel that this is what the Lord wants for me. The time for me to marry and have children is still far off, however. I will pray on it now, and, if I am fortunate enough to be blessed with a husband, I will ask him to pray on it, and of course we will make the decision then. :)

    I have one more thing to say before before I'll leave you in peace... ;P I love that you are going to Homeschool your children-- at least for the first couple years. I am one of several children, and I have been Homeschooled my entire life. My oldest sisters have both graduated top of the class (of our Umbrella School), and continued on to college. I plan to follow in their footsteps. (I don't know about being top of the class though! I'll be satisfied with good grades. I'd like to be top, but we know how that can go... Tough competition here! ;)) I have never wished to go to Public School or Private School. I have had so many opportunities and have made friends for life! I don't really know if you are interested, but the curriculum we use is Seton Home Study School. We love them because they integrate our Faith into all of the subjects, and do not teach false beliefs. The only possible drawback I can see that you might object to, is that they are a Catholic school, if this is not your Faith. My family are stalwart Catholics, so that is a plus not a minus for us. I just thought I would mention that to you. Please do NOT feel like I am pressuring you!! That was not my intent. I was just giving you a suggestion, one friend to another, one Homeschooler to another. :)

    Sorry, that was a lot longer then I intended. I'm done hogging your time. ;) Thanks for sharing your wonderful story with us strangers. May God bless your family! ♡

    ~Kate E.


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