Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Preserving Memories The "Lazy" Way

My children will never have a shortage of photographs, mementos, and keepsakes. Making and preserving memories is something I enjoy and value. It makes me happy to have my walls full of pictures of family and friends. 

With two small children it's been difficult to get the pictures on the walls updated, or even just get pictures printed. Life gets busy and before I know it my phone is full of pictures that need to be uploaded onto the computer before I run out of space. Then what? I scroll through my phone or the computer to relive those memories? Meh.

I've been using Instagram to try and keep pictures in order and in one place. Plus I love the little bit of editing you can do. A soft filter is a tired mom's friend. So when I found Chatbooks and discovered I could link it to my Instagram feed I was very excited. Then I got even more excited when I found out that it was only $8 to have a cute little book automatically mailed to me every time I took 60 pictures! Automatically!! As in, I do nothing and approximately every three months (I take A LOT more pictures these days then I did pre-kids) I get a book of memories, in chronological order, with the original dates and captions printed under the pictures. It makes me so happy to see my stack of Chatbooks on my sofa table. I can sit down and flip through them, Squeaks can enjoy them, and guests can see them. Our family memories aren't hidden in our phones or on the computer. I went back and made books from the time I started using Instagram (before we had Squeaks) up till now. So our kids have pictures from practically every day of their lives. I love that.
These books appeal to the ultra organized, slightly O.C.D. side of me.

I have books starting from just after Evelyn passed right up to today. Our family journey in pictures. Love!

I get a $1 toward my next book, and you get a free book! Score! Just use my code.


  1. "These books appeal to the ultra organized, slightly O.C.D. side of me." Me, too!!!

  2. Exciting! What do the captions look like on the printed books?


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