Sunday, September 4, 2016

Our Calendar Wall: Learning Months

Squeaks and I have started a morning tradition of talking about the calendar. We discuss the days of the week, the date, the month, seasons, weather, and the current letter we're learning about (this week is the letter c). 

I was noticing that she was starting to grasp the days of the week thanks to this awesome days-of-the-week wheel I found (FREE! I opened mine in good-ol' "paint" to add color). When I would ask her what month we are in though, she'd give me a bit of a "what the heck are you talking about?" look. So to Pinterest I went!
There are TONS of months-of-the-year printables on Pinterest, and I actually found one I really liked, but it cost more money than I was willing to spend. I will be the first to admit that my OCD, hyper-organized self is totally geeking-out on school supplies so I've spent my max. DIY it is!! 

No biggie cause I love making school supplies even MORE than I love buying them. And now I will share the fruits of my labor with you! Enjoy this super cute (in my humble opinion) months-of-the-year banner!

The top part of the banner folds over the string and gets taped down. I just used twine and a couple of 3M hooks to hang mine. It's a bit longer than I intended it to be. I wanted it to fit on a small piece of wall at the front of our hallway. I'm happy with how it turned out though. I wrote "What month is it?" on a large clothes pin to clip to our current month. I think this is going to be a great tool to help Squeaks learn!

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