Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This Wednesday Deserves Words

Today I celebrate the birth of the woman who gave birth to me. Even though my mother openly admits she doesn't think she's a "big deal", I am here to tell you she is the only person I know who thinks that. My mom has always been honest with me (in a very appropriate way) about the things she would have done differently in her life. Some of those things I also wish she had done differently, if only to spare herself from the heartache that followed. Pretty sure everyone has stuff they wish they could take back, myself included. However, the life she's led and the choices she's made have given her the life and the character she has now. A life I know she feels blessed to live and I am blessed to be a part of. I am proud to tell people "Sonja is my mom!" She is strong, funny, creative, resourceful, passionate, honest, helpful, and she will be totally embarrassed by this post. My mother feels life with every fiber of her being. I don't think I've ever seen her be halfhearted about anything. She talks with her whole body, fills rooms with loud laughter, and cries with genuine compassion for other's pain. She is loyal, opinionated, and just plain fun to be around. She is my best friend, the measure by which I will gauge my own motherhood, and I am beyond grateful to know her. Happy birthday momma!

Today I took her out to lunch at a Chinese restaurant (something I rarely get to enjoy since Josh isn't a fan of Chinese food). We enjoyed good conversation and laughter. She even cooperated when I told her to do walrus teeth with her chopsticks so I could take a picture. On Sunday we will have a family dinner at our house, so she's getting a whole birthday week! 
We requested chopsticks specifically for this purpose.

Our fortune cookie knows what's up!


  1. I love this "and she will be totally embarrassed by this post" lol!


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