Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Halloween!?

I've never enjoyed the gory, creepy, dark side of Halloween. To me celebrating darkness doesn't sound appealing. Just my opinion. In years past Josh and I have dressed up, carved pumpkins, and had Halloween parties though. We still enjoy a lot about Halloween (candy!!!). This year feels different though. We feel like our family is on the cusp of something big. Things like costumes and candy have fallen into the background. We've chosen to have a very quiet Halloween this year. We even cut back on the candy! Is it just me or does the price of candy go up every year?! Twenty dollars for a bag of candy seems a bit much. We bought enough to donate to our church's harvest festival, but there is no Halloween candy in our house! (If you feel led to give us some, it won't be turned away.) When we have kids though, watch out! My mom always made my costumes and I plan to do the same. Super heros, princesses (who have been educated and can rule with wisdom and grace), cartoon characters, robots...their own imagination will be their own limit. We will carve pumpkins, bake pumpkin seeds, go to the pumpkin patch, make cookies, decorate the house together. Halloween will be full of family traditions. But this year, as I said, this holiday has fallen into the background. Our family is in a collective crouch, waiting to spring into parenthood and grand parenthood. This year I plan for next year.
Halloween over the years.

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