Saturday, October 5, 2013

Josh's Birthday Extravaganza!

My husband is 30!!!! Wow. We started off his birthday weekend celebration with a basket of items to help him feel young again. Inside was a selection of goodies starting with the typical lunch he and I would share in high school, cheddar sour cream Ruffles chips and Little Debbie Nutty Bars. Our parents would have been appalled if they had known how often we made this our lunch. I also included some beef jerky and dark chocolate salted caramels. Next, a copy of Hocus Pocus. For some reason this cheesy Halloween classic reminds us both of our youth. Also in the basket was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cup and matching set of plates which we used to eat a birthday breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon. Tied to the basket were special birthday balloons including one featuring the Avengers. If I hadn't included BevMo gift cards you might think this was a gift for a thirteen year old boy. Mission make-Josh-feel-young was a success! It helps that he still likes all of these things.
Breakfast on Ninja Turtle plates + a basket of goodies + Avengers balloons = Happy Birthday!

Next we were off to Disneyland! Josh got us tickets to Mickey's Halloween Party. I had never heard of it but Josh had and it happened to be on his birthday. The idea is to go trick-or-treating around the park after hours. The rides stay open too so the lines are much shorter. The trick-or-treating part wasn't as fun as expected. There were just little booths lined up one after another filled with candy and protein bars (why protein bars?). We had to stand in fairly long lines at each booth. We gave up and just went on rides which ended up being way more fun cause everyone else was in line for candy. Since we were there so late we got a hotel room instead of driving home which was really nice. 
The many faces of Josh, including his patented Zoolander face.
Once home, I started in on making Josh's birthday cake for a barbecue at his parent's house that night. I found my inspiration on Pinterest of course and decided on a Captain America cake. We both love Captain America. I think that line in the Avengers movie where he points out that there is only one God and that He doesn't dress like Thor is probably one of my favorite all time movie quotes. Anywho, the cake turned out fairly similar to the photo although it had to be two layers instead of one, so I made chocolate stars in a candy mold to decorate the bottom layer. 
Top left: my inspiration for Josh's birthday cake. Bottom right: the finished product.
Oh no the big 30!
Josh's parents made him the greatest little book with pictures and Joshie trivia from when he was little. I cried. I am eternally grateful to his mother for bringing him into this world. I could not ask for better in-laws. Josh's step dad sets an amazing example of kindness and generosity and his mom is one of the sweetest people I know.
Reading the scrapbook his parents made for him.
Josh with his mom, my mom, his nana, and his aunt.
We had a wonderful time with our family. Josh's dad grilled burgers and chicken and we all enjoyed just sitting around talking and laughing. I'm so grateful that our parents get along. Our dad's share similar interests and our moms are both strong passionate woman. We all fit together so nicely.
Our dads.
Josh's sister and her boyfriend, Josh with his parents, and our beautiful moms.
Overall, it was a very nice birthday weekend. God has blessed me with an amazing husband and wonderful family. I look forward to seeing what God will do in the next thirty or even sixty (Josh's great grandma lived to 90!) years of my husband's life. He is already so incredible. He's one of those people you know God has something special for. He's a great leader, teacher, thinker, and partner. He's good at everything he sets out to do. In my eyes he is practically perfect in every way. I might be a bit biased but I am without a doubt blessed to be his other half.


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