Monday, October 14, 2013

Motherhood Mon.: "Ohhhhhh Yaaaaa"

One year, six months, and six days waiting. That's 554 days. 13,296 hours. But who's counting!?

This week our social worker informed us that the paperwork for our adoption physicals had been lost sometime between May, when we had our exams done, and now. I had an opportunity to get fairly worked up and stressed out about this. Instead I asked for prayer and reminded myself that our social worker is super sweet and very helpful, so this was an honest mistake. She acknowledged that I have always been very organized and on top of our adoption requirements so this was totally on her end. (FYI, fanning my ego by complimenting my organizational skills is always a smart way to get on my good side.) In the end she is allowing us to call our doctor's offices and get our exam results and then just email them to her. I am so grateful we don't have to redo everything. So, Mood: relieved and grateful to those who prayed for a simple solution. 

Chocolate! Mass quantities of chocolate!!! This is fairly normal though. Remember my first encounter with chocolate pudding? (See post here.)

Thoughts about our child:
Yesterday I got to hold my cousin's five day old new son. He made the sweetest most content face as I stroked his beautiful dark hair. His little neck stretched out, his eyebrows raised, and his little mouth made the shape of an "o". You could practically hear him thinking "ohhhhhh yaaaaa". It was the cutest thing. Watching our future child make those funny faces is literally going to make my heart melt. YouTube get ready cause I will be posting endless hours of our child making cute faces.

Thoughts about our expectant mom:
I LOVE YOU!!! I sure wish I knew who you are.

This week God:
Reminded me that His "contract" with me is stronger than any earthly agreement. My God is bigger than adoption paperwork.

Read about why I started "Motherhood Mondays" here.
Me in my mother's arms.


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