Monday, October 21, 2013

Motherhood Mon.: Bust A Move!

We have been waiting one year, six months, one week, and six days for God to bust an adoption move.

The paperwork saga continues. Turns out emailing our social worker the test results from our misplaced adoption physicals isn't gonna cut it. We need something with our doctor's signature on it. Bummer. This means we need to make appointments to see our doctors and pray they don't make us retake all the tests. I guess it's not a big deal if we do retake them, it's just a pain in the rear. The silver lining is that, if we get a call for a match before this is resolved, our social worker said it wouldn't cause any problems since they have all our other paperwork in. Hear that expectant mom!? We're ready for you! So, Mood: Full of anticipation. *singing* Anticipation, anticipaaation...♪♪♫

Salad....hmmm, interesting. 
Some friends from our Bible study group came over Saturday night and had dinner. Our friend Alysha made a really good salad. Kale, spinach, cherry tomatoes, Fetta cheese, and homemade red wine vinegerette. Mmmmmmmmm, I've been thinking about it ever since.

Thoughts about our child:
You're going to have the best dad! Man does he make me laugh. Even though he hasn't been feeling well the last couple on days, he still makes my side hurt from laughter on a regular basis. He's so loving. I can't wait to watch him cuddle you. 

Thoughts about our expectant mom:
What is the word for this feeling?! This connection to another person you know nothing about! It's so overwhelmingly strong, I can't describe it. 

This week God:
Reminded me of His strength.
(Text message) My mom-"It is SUPER hard to watch my beloved child suffer. If I did not believe in God's sovereignty I would be crushed. But I do believe, and we are not crushed."
Me-"Just a little....wrinkled."
My mom- "Yes. Wrinkled. ;-)"

Read about why I started Motherhood Mondays here.

Josh in his mother's arms.


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