Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lazy Productive Saturday

Yes, a Saturday can be both lazy and productive. After waking up to the sound of a "nudge" from Words-With-Friends (initially feeling annoyed and then loved), Josh and I decided that our breakfast selection was lacking. It's been over a year since we bought actual cereal, it's just too sweet for us anymore. Generally we make smoothies in the morning. Our smoothie recipe has evolved over time and now usually consists of a Greek yogurt base with almond milk, spinach, walnuts, a banana, and a variety of frozen fruit. Pretty filling. On weekends sometimes we mix it up with some scrambled eggs and toast, maybe bacon. Today, however, nothing sounded quite yummy enough. We agreed we should go to the store. Generally I don't like going out before showering and putting my "face" on cause it's almost inevitable I'll see someone I know, but I made an exception. We both put on baseball hats and sunglasses and went, incognito, to the grocery store up the street. I got Danish!! I can't remember the last time I had Danish, probably on our five-year anniversary trip to San Francisco (we went on a walking tour and stopped in little Italy at a bakery called Stella Pastry. Yum!) Josh got a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Very sugary, way over priced...hit the spot just right. 
Once at home, I combined my Danish with a cup of hot green tea and Josh and I enjoyed our treats while watching old episodes of The Office. We had to warm up to this show but now it's one of our favorites and since we don't have regular TV, we have a Roku box that streams Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, we can watch one episode after another without commercials. Love it! It's a bit dangerous though. I was fairly content to Office the day away, which is bad. Thank God for a husband who holds me accountable. After a few episodes he walked out and came back a few minutes later in workout clothes. Way to make a girl feel like a lump. I went and changed too and got my elliptical on while Josh sweated his tush off doing an exercise program that I would literally pass out from. I figured out how to balance my iPad on my elliptical handles so I could Pinterest at the same time. See, lazy and productive!
After a shower, I put on one of my favorite shirts. I'm always careful where and who I wear this shirt around. It makes me happy but I don't want to push any emotionally painful buttons for any one else. I remember after our daughter passed away, I saw maternity shirts that said stuff like "Pregnant is the new skinny" or "I'll be more fun when I can drink again". The first one just made me think "I'd love to be big and round right now!" The second one just makes me mad. Anyway, I know several people who struggle with infertility and some who are struggling with the idea of adopting. I don't want to be the one to step on an emotional land mine and ruin their day with my fashion choice. I post it here because, hey, if you're on a blog called "Adoption Love" you kinda have to expect stuff like this.
Now that I'm showered and Josh is making the worlds best mac-n-cheese for lunch (the good stuff, no powder included), I'm looking forward to the rest of our lazy productive Saturday. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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