Monday, September 2, 2013


What a wonderful week it has been. Josh got five whole days off work. Some people enjoy big fancy expensive vacations, and, while those can be fun, I seriously love stay-cations. This was one jam-packed full stay-cation! 
Woke up Thursday at 6:00am. Josh's choice, not mine. Not a morning person.  We drove to Disneyland (we have season passes) where we met our friends Andy and Stacie, two of the most enthusiastic, honest, and kind people you'll ever meet. Since it was a Thursday the parks were fairly empty. I think the longest we waited in line for a ride was maybe twenty minutes. We went on every ride we wanted to, some even twice. We went home happy and tired. Click here to see some video from our trip.
Disneyland and friends. Great combination!
Friday started early as well. Josh got up a full hour before me though and worked out. Talk about discipline and determination! I admire him. Then we got dressed up to go to Andy and Stacie's wedding vow renewal. They have been married five years and as an anniversary surprise Andy had arranged to have a small vow renewal ceremony on the same beach where they took their engagement pictures. What a guy! I'm pretty sure good men travel in packs. Josh and Andy have been friends since high school, back in Josh's garage band days.
The "bridal party".
After a beautiful ceremony we went to Fashion Island which I am sure is the mall with the nicest view in the world. Crystal clear skies and the Pacific Ocean. Yum! Had a fantastic meal with the rest of the "bridal party", the guys did some drooling at the Tesla dealership, and we enjoyed a leisurely walk on a beautiful day. After parting ways with our friends, my always-wonderfully-unpredictable husband decided it was a good day to buy me an iPad on which I am now writing this blog! I can't tell you how excited I am about this. As a nice little cherry on top, God blessed us with a summer rain on our drive home and a beautiful view of a full rainbow. Josh laughed at me cause I took at least ten pictures of it, leaning as far forward in the windshield as I could or pressing my face and phone against my passenger side window. I'm a California girl! We get excited about rainbows!
Saturday was spent mostly on the couch watching theology lectures (Josh mentioned Credo House in his post) and playing with my new iPad. Talk about leisure! We stopped off at my parent's house to pick up a book my mom got me. In true mom form she is enormously supportive of my blogging and got me a book called Creating a Spiritual Legacy. It's about encouraging others by sharing your life experiences through story telling. Looking forward to reading it and getting lots of blog post ideas. Love my mom!
Sunday started with church and Bible study with very good friends. Then Josh went and spent some guy time with a friend while I stayed home to write and relax after our busy last few days. When Josh got home we went and did our weekly grocery shopping. We always shop together, although we generally do pretty much everything together. After thirteen years he still isn't sick of me! Haha! I love being married to my best friend. While shopping, I picked up a bouquet of sunflowers just for the heck of it. Sunflowers and gerbera daisies are my favorite flowers. We had pink gerbera daisies at our wedding and I have a gerbera daisy tattoo on my left thigh. After shopping we came home and Josh did some yard work while I spent time with the puppies and made dinner.
Monday we slept in but Josh still got up before me to work out. The man in unstoppable! We spent a lovely lazy morning at home and then went over to Josh's parent's house.
Playing football in the pool.
A few years ago his parents redid their backyard and put in a pool. We spent a few hours just hanging out and talking, enjoying the cool water, warm weather, and good company. If you don't have a pool in Southern California, it sure is nice to have family members who do. It has been so nice to just go and float and swim laps. We often have family barbecues and pool parties. I'm looking forward to buying tiny swimsuits and floaties and teaching our children to swim. I see lots of birthday parties and celebrations happening in that backyard. 
Overall, an incredibly nice stay-cation. We love being home, being with friends and family, and enjoying the blessing God has given us. Waiting for our future child has created such a sense of anticipation in our family. We so look forward to enjoying life with our new little one.


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